Ann Prepare Lavni (APL) as a non-profit organization with an emphasis on empowerment through education for the citizens of Anse-a-Pitres and Banane, Haiti. As a community venture, APL would like to expand its role to improve the physical health well-being of the population of Banane. This was decided after several needs assessment visits in 2015-2016.


Banane is a city in the southeastern region of Haiti, approximately 46 miles from Port-au-Prince. It is situated in a mountainous region where the nearest hospital is about 20 miles away near the Haitian-Dominical border. People in this city have very limited access to transportation.


APL’s goal is to work collaboratively with the staff at the clinic in Banane, to improve primary care. Until adequate resource and a solid partnership is established frequent medical mission trips to continually gather data and treat acute and chronic conditions will be the focus. This will be accomplished through:

  • Health fairs – To provide teaching and screening on common chronic conditions and also to gather epidemiological data.
  • Mobile Clinics – To treat patients for chronic and acute conditions that otherwise would not be able to afford care at the local clinic.

APL relies heavily on the partnership of many volunteers. If you area medical professional (i.e. Nurse, Physician) and would like to volunteer your services during one of our scheduled medical clinics, please see the information below:

  • Costs: Group rates per person are as follows:
    • $1,500 for groups of 6 or less
    • $1,200 for groups of 7 to 9
    • $1,000 for groups of 10 or more.
    There is a $20 application fee for each group member

    Groups are responsible for their own airfair. Airfare is typically is around $500 roundtrip.

  • Lodging/Travel/Food: APL will provide daily lodging, three meals aday, transportation and translation services all included in the fee listed above.
  • Duration of trip: A medical mission trip would last 8 days 7 nights in total.

Below is the proposed itinerary:

  • Day 1 – Arrival and Debrief
  • Day 2 -6 Clinic & Health Fairs
  • Day 7 – Day of fun (beach, sightseeing)
  • Day 8 – Departure

In the future, APL has visions to accomplish several other medical endeavors.

  • Tropical Medicine: Creation of medical partnerships where medical professionals may volunteer their time for specified amounts of time in the town of Banane.
  • EMS Services: Establishing EMS services to transport local patients to tertiary care services.
  • Ancillary Medical staff: Training of medical assistants, phlebotomists, secretaries.

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