Community Service Award

APL started as an idea, and now it’s a fully developed organization thanks to God and Carolina’s vision. On Thursday, May 9, 2013, Carolina received the Community Service Outstanding Award in Davis. The award was categorized outstanding (highest level) due to over 6000 hours of community service both in the Sacramento area and Haiti. We are very proud of how far APL has come along. Congratulations to our beautiful president! 

Car Wash fundraiser

APL is preparing for their next trip to Haiti, which will be taking place in July 2013. Help us fundraise for the library by bringing your car to the car wash and spreding the word. We hope to see you there!

Haiti/Kenya Book Project

The team organizing books donated by Davis Sunset Rotary Club. These books will be shipped to the new library in Anse-a-Pitres in Haiti and also to different schools of Kenya.

Documentary Film

The APL tech team has been working hard on putting together the clips from the 2nd trip to create a documentary. The film, “Nuestro 2nd Vwayaj” will be ready this summer (2013). Trailer coming soon!

2nd Trip Photos

The images from APL’s second trip to Haiti are up. Visit out facebook page, browse through them and see part of our journey! 

Second APL trip to Haiti, consisting of Carolina Tavárez, Lidia Tavárez, Leidy Amarante and Rafael Perez Yan, among others.

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Movie Night

House of Glory Church is hosting “APL Movie Night” on Friday night, February 22, 2013. Come out and watch Baseball in the Time of Cholera, a movie originated in Haiti. Just bring some new school supplies as a donation and entry fee. You’ll have a wonderful time and help the students in Haiti out at the same time. Don’t forget to invite your friends!

A big “THANK YOU” to all our donors

First interview of the year

Talanta Radio Show has joined the APL cause. On Thursday, January 10th, 2013, Dorothy Machira (main host) interviewed president Carolina over the phone. The radio show takes place internationally, from California to Kenya, and is heard all over the world through the internet. Listen to the whole interview “Dad, I’m off to Haiti” by clicking below:

Off to Haiti, once again!

President Carolina and sister Lidia are off to Haiti! In this second trip, they will meet up with Leidy Amarante and Rafael Perez-Yan to work with the students over the month of December 2012. Taking with them the donations collected over the last 6 months, the APL team plans on holding English/Spanish lessons for the course of two weeks in the Anse-a-Pitres. Keep the Tavárez sisters in your prayers as they travel for a day and a half from California to Dominican Republic.

Beautiful earrings for Haiti

Sisters Nidia Trejo and Helen Trejo are showing their support for Haitian education by doing what they know best and working in their expertise field: design.The Trejo sisters will donate all proceeds towards the building of the first library in Anse-a-Pitres.These beautiful hand-made earrings are selling for $15-$20 a pair on Get yours today!

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