Instituto de Lenguas Modernas (ILEMO)

ILEMO was officially launch in 2017 as part of our efforts to provide high quality education via APL. The goal of ILEMO is to provide free access to modern languages to youth in both sides of the border (Anse-a-pitres and Pedernales). Our curriculum offers: English, Spanish, Haitian Creole and French. We also provide teachers training to local modern language teachers seeking to improve their skills. 

This picture was taken June 21, 2012 during our first pilot program in Anse-a-pitres. Our 20 students cohort has multiplied to 150+ per year. 

Our program is 10 months long (January to October) of each year. We have 90% graduation rate. More than 150 students graduate yearly. 

Class of 2021

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Speaking more than one language in this area open doors of opportunities for our youth

Graduates can teach at local schools, work as interpreters and translators, transfer to colleges outside the country, take computer coding class from MIT* and much more!

*special thanks to the Anderson St Louis Foundation for proving 10 scholarships this year.

We need teachers

If you are passionate about teaching and helping others, then ILEMO is the best place to start your journey. We offer internships and unique volunteer experience.

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