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Our Founder’s Birthday!

We want to express our appreciation and warm wishes to a very wonderful founder. Help us wish her a Happy Birthday this month of November! We love you, Carolina!

Student Graduation

Teaching English and Spanish is what started our work in Haiti. Earlier this month (October 2015) we were proud to see 20 amazing students graduate from the APL English Immersion Program! Help us congratulate these dedicated individuals and our very own English teacher, Cenat Delince, for their great work through the years! Keep it up, APL!

May Highlight of the Month

May: Congratulations APL community on our first presidential award. Thank you for your dedication to community service, for believing in our mission and vision, for giving the gift of education to hundreds of students in Haiti. Keep up the wonderful work you all are doing to create a stronger Haitian nation, one student at the time.

Highlight of the Month: February

February: Rachel Bernard visited Anse-a-Pitres in the fall of 2014 with APL. Here’s what she had to say, “My trip with APL to Haiti was an amazing, eye-opening experience! Although this was not my first time in Haiti, each visit to Haiti is a unique learning opportunity. I was able to meet with APL partners and a couple of teachers. Rafael gave me a tour of the town of Anse-a-Pitres, Banane and surrounding villages in the southeastern region. I visited a state hospital, the library project, a public high school, and several elementary schools. When we stopped at the schools, it was wonderful to meet with school administrators and students alike to get their perspectives. It is awe-inspiring how APL, a youth-led organization, is empowering other young people and working to improve education for all in these southeastern communities of Haiti. Keep up the great work APL!”

More 2015 News

You didn’t think we’d start a whole new class without leaving someone to keep teaching the students, right? Good! APL is proud to welcome English teachers Willy and Josue. Carolina was able to train them and provide lesson plans for our new students. We are grateful they are volunteering their time and efforts to help Haiti!

Happy New Year!

First bit of news from the end of 2014: Introducing APL’s new English class in Banane, Haiti. The children in this small town are eager to learn and we are eager to teach them! With your help and donations, we will continue to expand our lessons through Haiti, reaching the bright minds that will better the country. More news later this week.

Highlight of the Month: December

Unfortunately, many Haitians grow up without important documentation. This fall, APL was able to help a number of families obtain birth certificates, not only for the children, but for the parents as well. Now, these families can live with one less concern and be able to take care of very important issues that they weren’t able to address before. Just as they have received such wonderful presents, we hope you and your loved ones share heartwarming gifts with each other these holidays. Thank you for making all the progress in Haiti possible through your donations and selfless disposition. Happy Holidays, APL family!

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