Its the people that make us great

The APL Members

Ann Prepare Lavni is made of an amazing group of board members, advisors, mentors, and teachers. Without them our work would be impossible.
Board Members

LC Tavárez Varela

CEO & Founder

Lidia Toral

Co-Founder & Media/Publicity Administrator

Rafael Pérez Yan

Vice President in Haiti & Dominican Republic, FUCADELP CEO

Casimiro de Jesús Tavárez

Co-founder & Business Adviser
Advisers and Mentors

Paul Daniel MD

Medical Mission Coordinator

Jay Toral

Website Developer

Ken Barnes

Educational Adviser

Kevin Whiteford

Legal Representative

Marilia Loubato

Medical Team

Brian Spillane, PhD

Higher Education

Leidy Amarante

DR Ambassador

Ricardo Pérez

DR & Haiti Program Coordinator

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