Month: August 2013

Highlight of the Month: December

Unfortunately, many Haitians grow up without important documentation. This fall, APL was able to help a number of families obtain birth certificates, not only for the children, but for the parents as well. Now, these families can live with one less concern and be able to take care of very important issues that they weren’t able to address before. Just as they have received such wonderful presents, we hope you and your loved ones share heartwarming gifts with each other these holidays. Thank you for making all the progress in Haiti possible through your donations and selfless disposition. Happy Holidays, APL family!

Highlight of the Month: September

This summer, two very important members of the APL team took a big step in their lives and got married. We want to congratulate Jesus & Jerline, and Jennifer & Brandon! We wish you both couples many blessings, happiness and love!

Highlight of the Month: August

For our first highlight ever, meet Albalo: the #1 honor student from our classes in Anse-a-Pitres. He always shows up to class with his materials, pays attention, asks questions, and even translates for the teachers. He excels in every subject and his cheerful attitude puts a smile on everyone’s face. It is because of students like Albalo that APL is happy to work so hard. In the picture below, teacher Lidia is awarding him with the top prize of the intense course of summer 2014. 

Thank you, APL community, for shaping a bright future for our students and the nation of Haiti!

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